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Complicated does not necessarily mean hard. - Just love me or leave me alone. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Complicated does not necessarily mean hard. [Aug. 30th, 2007|03:23 pm]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]

Choir last night went well. It was good to see Kay again. Sadly, things are getting worse for Wayne, so they were unable to come over for tea afterwards. I sent her an email, with pictures, of my trip.

Had a lovely dream just before waking. Well, most of it was.
Started in a highschool setting. Met up with Bill and he was mentioning to his friends that he would meet them at 7 1/2 period. At first I was confused, but then he explained how it was an area of the school where tough kids hung out. It also happened to be Bill's birthday that day. For some reason, I was rollerblading around in this dream. Well, I went past 7 1/2 and since I had never been there before, some girl tried to start shit with me. I held my own for a bit until Bill and one of his friends came by to break things up. We were on our way to class or something when Bill mentions that he's free tonight, so we planned that I would come over after school.
As in most recent dreams involving school, first there was a problem with the lockers and then I couldn't remember which class I was supposed to go to. This has been a reoccuring theme lately whenever I dream about highschool.
This is where the sweet part comes in.
After school, Bill drives me over to his house. A bunch of his friends are there and start bugging him that he was "supposed to be free" tonight. So, right away I feel happy that he wanted to spend the night with me rather than with his buddies. So, he sends them away and we start getting cozy. Well, guess who shows up then? J shows up all pitiful. I can't remember exactly what happened but eventually I tell him to "fuck off so we (Bill & I) can go have sex". Then I start getting aggressive. I begin pushing J away and shouting at him that he was never what I wanted, etc. Of course, he got this horribly hurt look in his eyes, but finally left.
So now, the dream moves on to a church setting. People I know from highschool are there. I end up sitting beside Rukus. Of course there is constant complaining that we have to sit through this service. Well, it ends up being a spectacular play. Rukus is still muttering, but I mention how great the scenery/props are, and that piques his interest. It was so odd. The main character in the play, she was a prisoner. At one point, she is paraphrasing the things Jesus said on the cross, and then she starts speaking the lyrics to one of the foreign songs I listen to (in real life). Right near the end, the usher starts leaning on me, so much in that I can't help but lean on Rukus and he on the people beside him. This angers me. When she finally sits up, I ask her wtf she was doing. She says she didn't want us to leave before the play was over. I look at her like she's crazy and told her that if she had been listening to any of the comments we'd been making throughout the play, she would have known that we were intrigued by it. Then I find out that my father is sitting two rows ahead of me, and a feeling of dread washes over me. I leave the sanctuary and keep telling myself that I didn't do anything wrong.
Then I woke up.

The odd thing, is that I woke up with two blisters on my thumb (which were not there before I went to bed) and my night guard was on my night table and dry. Obviously, I must have taken it out sometime during the night, but I am unaware of when that may have been.

There was another weird part to the dream at the beginning. First, I was sulking that my father had kept the hidden room secret the entire time we lived there to store his junk in when I could have been living in it. Then my mom starts forcing my siser and I into this hair rinse. Of course I am protesting, because she has woken us up at 6:30am to do this before school. She is convinced that this rinse is necessary and vital. Later on I am questionning her about where she got her information, and I find a pamphlet advertising the stuff. It turns out that it is meant for people who dye their hair once a week. All she says is, "Oh." Ergh.

Yeah, so that is the lovely world of Dreamland for me.

[User Picture]From: mysticskylily
2007-08-31 06:24 am (UTC)
I love when you share your dreams, they are so vivid, and you are very good at describing them thouroughly. I havent remembered too many of my dreams lately unfortunately, and I never think to write them down either.
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[User Picture]From: nineveh_rains
2007-08-31 06:11 pm (UTC)
Aw, thank you! I never know if I describe them adequately. I usually suck at telling stories, but I guess I am okay at sharing dreams. :)
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From: slickwillie
2007-09-03 06:55 pm (UTC)
That's a really interesting dream. Rukus is Keith right? I can't imagine him in a church.. lol. All my attempts at picturing that end up with him in a pew wearing all black jeans, docs, and NIN shirt.
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[User Picture]From: nineveh_rains
2007-09-04 12:00 am (UTC)
Yeah, Keith. lol

It was sort of like a school assembly but in a church setting. My dreams are weird. ;)
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