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Awesome Day!!!

So, we started the day off heading over to Epcor so Leah could pay her bill. We stopped over in City Center for beverages and to mail out some stuff. We also stopped in at EB Games. Next, we headed over to the Edmonton Ex. We were early for Robert Munsch so we watched a Grease Lightning show. The performers were pretty good. Robert Munsch came out and we cheered like crazy. I video-recorded the entire first story. It was about a ponytail. He also told my favourite story about a birthday party. I was hoping for "Jonathan Cleaned Up" but lucked out on that one. He signed books afterwards, but since I didn't have a book I asked him to sign my programme. :D And Leah took pix of me with him. I was so freaking excited! We then had over an hour to kill before Tyzen. We walked around the fair and checked out the games and attractions. I got a picture of Leah at the beverage stand, and she scored a free camera. I got a pin and a sticker from the local radio station (91.7 The Bounce). We also got free samples from Honey Bunches of Oates. We bought some homemade doughnuts (yummy) and drank crappy rootbeer (not enough syrup in the mix). We went to the showroom to look around, kill time, and soak up some air-conditioning.
Okay, so 5pm we go back to the stage to get seats for the hypnotist. I wasn't gonna go up, cuz I thought I'd be too nervous, but once it started there weren't that many people and he needed volunteers so I braved it. Best risk I ever took! The show was awesome! It was my first time under hypnosis and I had a great time! Cuddling with the twelve year old beside me was kind of creepy though. I felt aware the entire time, it just seemed like it made sense to follow through with the suggestions. I think my favourite part was when we were a group of astronauts. I don't feel like I was as deeply under as some of the other volunteers, but it was a ton of fun. At the end, we found out that they had recorded the show, so I have it on dvd!!! And I got Tyzen to sign it! I also got my picture taken with him. If you look at his website, you'll see he's kinda hot/cute. ;)
So, after that, Leah and I walked back to her place. We stopped off at Safeway to get taco ingredients and potato salad. We turned on the A/C and watched Hairspray. That's been our night.
I feel freaking amazing! I had a kick-ass day and the positive feedback I got from Tyzen was a killer boost.
I am rather sunburned and slightly dehydrated, but it was worth it. I'll just make sure to put on aloe before bed and spend tomorrow recuperating. No plans until Monday, other than tacos tomorrow night with Paul.
Not sure when I'll get pictures uploaded, but I'll definitely be posting some eventually.

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