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Trip to West Edmonton Mall - Just love me or leave me alone. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Trip to West Edmonton Mall [Jul. 18th, 2007|06:07 pm]
[Current Location |Edmonton]
[Current Mood |okayokay]
[Current Music |Mercy Me - Hold Fast]

So, on Monday, Leah decided to skive off work so we could go to the West Ed. We took the BE UHaul truck cuz Paul had her car. Anyway, we got there around 3pm cuz we slept-in a ton and needed to shower before we went out. For "the World's Biggest Mall" it wasn't that impressive. Maybe because we didn't see the indoor rollercoaster, but I'm not even sure if they still have that. I know the submarines aren't in service anymore. Anyway, Leah loves the flamingos. It was awesome to see her that excited. I was able to sneak off and get her a few birthday presents. They have a candy shop where you can buy a mix of whatever you want and pay by weight. I didn't get that much candy, but I got 2 buttons. One says something like "I now realise that when I said I wanted to be somebody, I should have been more specific." I can't write about the other one, cuz it's for Kim. ;) I got a rolly suitcase to take stuff back in on the plane, so we stuffed our purchases in there all day. I also got a b-day gift for Michelle. ;) Got the "new" Evanescense cd and the "new" P!nk cd as well. Got Princess Mononoke on dvd and 2 dvds for Leah, including the original Hairspray. Fuck this new John Travolta shite. The mall was cold, so we went to Old Navy to get hoodies. I got a cool white zip one; Leah got a brown pull-over. We ate Arby's for dinner and Heather and AJ from work (UHaul) met us there. We bummed around for a bit. I ended up spending almost $80 at Chapters. Oops. We went to see the Harry Potter movie in IMAX 3-D. Oh yeah, the cinema has a fire-breathing dragon. It actually breathes flame-thrower stuff (butane?) It was neat to see it go off. Anyway, I was a dork and wore my 3-D glasses the entire time, so I was madly dizzy after the movie. And Leah took pictures cuz she said I looked like a blind oma. lol.
After the movie, we dropped AJ off on the way home. I was pretty mean to him, but not really for any reason other than he was frustrating the crap out of me while Leah was on the phone with him.
Yesterday I did laundry and we went to a different mall (Kingsway?) when Leah got home. It was a good mall, too. We stopped at the HMV to pick up Oblongs and went to Kernels to get Leah some yummy popcorn. She was majorly pissed about the condition her car was returned in, so I was hoping that would cheer her up a little. We stopped at EB and they had the new Diner Dash game for DS, so I picked that up as well. I had a smoke out in the parking lot while Leah cleaned off her car with windshield wiper fluid and paper towels and ranted/vented. I offered to get slushies at the 7-11 cuz she likes those. We ordered Pizza 73 and I wrote postcards. That was pretty much our night.
I've already pretty much written about today. I'm just being a bum, haven't gotten dressed or showered or anything. Busy sending pix to Kim and listening to Leah's mp3s. I'll do a photo post sometime soon.
Tomorrow is day 1 of the Edmonton Capital Ex. We're planning on seeing a hypnotist (Tyzen) and Robert Munsch. Monday is Calaway Park. taluagel, you're invited. I emailed you. Weird Al and more next Wednesday.