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Bad dreams and other stuff. - Just love me or leave me alone. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Bad dreams and other stuff. [Jul. 5th, 2007|06:23 pm]
[Current Mood |sleepysleepy]

Had a horrible dream this morning before waking up. We were in the basement of my oma's house and my mom was trying to teach us this Latvian new year's tradition where you shower a sparkler on someone while reciting a certain poem sort of thing, and when the sparkler goes out, that is how the person's year will be. Well, the bad part was that these sparklers had mercury in them. My mom didn't think that the small amount would be harmful, but I was concerned about how it might interfere with my medication and how it would affect my aunt, having had radiation treatment. I felt so bad, because my mom was making an effort to teach me tradition, but I couldn't embrace it because of my concerns. Apparently there was a party going on because a bunch of relatives had shown up. I was still down in the basement trying to get things ready when I stopped in front of a mirror to check my hair. Well, this is when I notice that the skin on my face has dried out and turned white and there are red blotches. My lips are cracked and the area around my mouth is swollen. I find my mom and tell her I need to go to the ER. Her face looks pretty similar to mine, but she says no, that it is not necessary.
At this point, my alarm clock wakes me.

The entire dream made me uncomfortable, but mostly the fact that I couldn't appreciate part of my heritage and the efforts my mom was puting forth.
Non-crucial parts of the dream included the face that oma could walk up stairs without her walker, and that there had been extensive remodelling of the house, even though it was for sale. I couldn't figure out why my mom and aunt were investing so much into this house when the people who bought it were just going to redo it how they wanted it anyway.

Now, on to real life.

So, today was the day I needed to phone the credit card company. I get up and attempt to do so right away before I lose my nerve. Well, the power had gone out sometime during the night, and the internet was down. I tried resetting the modem, but that didn't help. I am quickly flying into a panic, because I need to get online to retrieve an email that I need in order to place this call. So, I phone Ian. I feel bad about it, because I dislike calling anyone while they are at work, because I don't want them to get in trouble for receiving calls. Well, any way, he helps me figure out what to turn on, and the internet is back up. 10 points. I pull up my email and make the call. It went okay. I was only on hold for maybe 2 minutes, but I thought I was going to die. (Anxiety disorder.) Anyway, they said my account would be creditied and to write a letter describing the situation. They gave me all of the information to included and I got on that right away. So that is all printed up and ready to mail. After that ordeal, I had breakfast and watched a movie called Blue Ridge Fall. It's pretty decent for an uncommon production company. Felt sort of like a tv movie.
The entire time I am having breakfast, the bird is screaming. My usual tactic of screaming back at him fails, and so I resort to covering him up. He's been really good these past two nights while I fed him. He goes over to his blue perch and sits there while I change his water and refill his seed dish. But this morning he would not stop screaming. Argh.

So, it is day two of gloomy rain. Periodic thunder as well. I hope this clears up by tomorow. I don't want to get stuck sitting in the airplaine on the tarmac waiting for the lightning strike warning to clear. I also don't want to go outside to get supper. I may end up just having a pb sandwich. There are leftovers from yesterday, but I really don't feel like having the exact same thing two days in a row. Groceries are lacking and Liz won't be home til late.

Going to watch Mothman Prophecies and maybe nap. Hoping the power doesn't go out again, but not a huge deal if it does, since I've got nearly everything taken care of.

[User Picture]From: spilledpills
2007-07-05 08:25 pm (UTC)
im also having terrible dreams!!!!! we can dream badly together soon!!!

oh get this...i was working on your mixed tape it was an amazing one! but guess what?..it didnt record my boombox has been dropped one too many times..grrr gotta get another cheapo!!
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[User Picture]From: 980iana
2007-07-05 08:56 pm (UTC)
Don't worry about calling me at work, especially if the Internet is down. People get personal calls here - as long as it's on my cell and I don't take too long it's be fine.
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[User Picture]From: hokus_mouse
2007-07-07 12:33 am (UTC)
hope your flight goes/went well. Will miss you!!
And you did good with the credit card company yeah!!!
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[User Picture]From: mizuki_hana2
2007-07-07 06:00 pm (UTC)
I know it has nothing to do with the above which I didn't have time to read, but thank you for the book. it cheered me up a little.
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