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Anxiety prevails.

I'm home alone right now and all I can think of is what if someone breaks in, shoots me dead, and Liz just goes right up to bed when she gets home. I know I am driving myself crazy with these thoughts but I don't know how to make them stop. I checked to make sure the door was bolted and I turned on a light in the kitchen to maybe make it look like someone is home. The empty driveway also makes me nervous.

Other than that, I did good today. I loaded, ran, emptied, and reloaded the dishwasher. I made dinner with what was around to be scrounged. I started ripping a bunch of cds last night and am only 3 away from finishing. Then I am going to let my iPod sync overnight. I had a shower and am drinking a ton of water.

Okay, Liz just walked in the door. *relief*

Tomorrow, I have to phone the credit card company and get that dealt with. Cross your toes that it will go over smoothly for me.

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