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Popcorn & a movie.

I've been rather irritable and snappy today, so I've been spending a lot of time isolated.
I phoned the facebook guy, and he was supposed to come over at 2pm to pick up the card, but he phoned at 2:02pm to say he couldn't make it. *sigh* Hopefully they'll actually show on Saturday.
All we had for dinner tonight was salad, so I ate a popsicle as well. I don't really care about calories right now, since it's PMS time.
I tried to spend some time tonight really relaxing. I popped the bag of kettle corn Leah sent me and grabbed a Dr. Pepper from the fridge downstairs. I put on Castle in the Sky in my PS2. I think I got about half an hour in before I decided to sew. After about 5 minutes of that, Leah phoned, so the movie went on pause. It didn't end up being the movie I thought it was. I (obviously) can't remember the title of the movie, but the one I was thinking of was an anime one with these animals and a lake and there was a war going on. I know I had to have seen it with Ambs, cuz she's the one got me into watching anime movies. :)
When I got off the phone I finished sewing and finished watching the movie. Now I am down here updating my AC catalogue and LJ.

Went to Brieanna's grad last night. It was good. She was valedictorian and won an athletic award! $30 for the cab home was worth it to see her. Her class was tiny; only 17 kids. When I got home, there was a message that K had called, so I phoned her back and we got to talk for about half an hour before her phone died. I found out that papere bought the mine that the man told him the silver is in! I'm glad those people finally sold it to him.

Emailed Kim about dates for visiting, so it looks like that is all set. Also calculated how many days worth of pills I'll need before I leave. (17 for most and 4 for my stomach pills.) Therapy tomorrow and my mom is taking me. Yay.

I think that's about it for now. I'm getting excited about my trip.

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