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There is hope yet!

I just woke up from an awesome dream to make up for the horrible one this morning. In this dream, Leah was working at a very seldom frequented McDonalds and I was hanging around bugging her. This amazingly cute guy came in and I decided to take my therapist's advice and start seeing other people. So I sort of arranged to be standing nearby when he came out of the restroom. I can still feel the butterflies! For some reason, I was under the impression that he was gay, so I made a comment about my sister and I being in similar situations, in that we like men who don't like girls. And Tobias says, "Well, then, when I get a girlfriend you'll be happy." and I replied that if he got a girlfriend I would be crushed with jealousy. So, time passes in the way that it does in dreams, and it has been awhile. Jamie is living in our basement for some reason, even though we are broken up. He doesn't know about Tobias and I am not sure why I am hiding it from him. A vague sort of scandal happens and a cousin of Tobias ends up dead. (But that's not really relevant to the story.) I am cleaning out the bootroom at our house and I ask Leah to look at my stomach because I think I've lost weight and she says "You've got baby tummy." It is sort of understood that she means I am pregnant. I am so fricking happy I could cry, but I keep on with what I was doing. Leah is trying to talk to me, but Jamie or my mom keep coming into the room, so I shush her. When they are gone Leah asks, "Did you really not know you were pregnant until I told you?" I answered affirmatively. I am positively beaming. Then my mom says, "I think there is someone here to ask you out." and in comes Tobias. I embrace him and we kiss. I don't tell him about the pregnancy though. I don't want to scare him off. I later think about who I will tell, or if I will keep it secret until after the birth. I know I would definately tell mizuki_hana2 as she would understand my joy. I was slightly worried about how hokus_mouse would feel, but I think, in the end, she would be ecstatic for me.
Who knew that a dream could make me feel so fucking happy?!

p.s. Please forgive my literary style. I have been listening to Stephen King far too much.

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