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I am cranky. Being sick sucks.
I started crying today after I got off the phone with Ian. I seem to get emotional when I am sick.
Anyway, trying to move my iTunes collection so that I can sync my iPod. Not sure how much I'll have to do over. I am hoping that all the album art and everything will be saved, but I'm not sure.
Yeah, so dead computer = me not on IM very much.
Once I get this stuff straightened out with iTunes, then I can update the rest of my files (ie. foamy and RvB, etc).
Talked to Leah last night. Talked to my mom today. She dropped off stuff that my aunt brought back from Paris. I got a shawl/table cover, a charm box, a pendant, and some candies.
So, Michelle and I went to a bonfire on Saturday, we only stayed an hour and a half, but that was long enough. I had two drinks, so was pretty unsober. On Sunday we went shopping. I bought 2 books: A Teenager's Life by Richard Pelzer and The Secret Lives of Men and Women by Frank Warren. I also bought a chain for k-girl's birthday gift, and I bought a bottle of multi-vitamins. Michelle found a Wii. She bought Mario Party 8 and Wii Play (to get a second controller). I personally prefer Mario Party 6 on the GameCube. (She might be lending me her GC indefinately.) I also did good by harassing the pharmacist. Apparently they have a generic form of Modulon, so she phoned the doctor to switch that over. I get a $21 refund. w00t.
Yesterday, I woke up feeling like crap. I went to the store. First I sent off Kalena's gift, then I went to Food Basics. Well, there was nearly no popsicles (which is what I wanted). I ended up with a box of sugar-free fudgesicles, a large bag of Shrek M&Ms, and a tube of 1/3 fat Pringles. Everything came to less than $10. The crossing guard was there, so I didn't have to kill myself crossing the street. I also phoned the doctor's office to reschedule my appointment. Last night we watched The Illusionist. I am glad that I saw The Prestige in theatre instead.
This morning, I woke up to thunder around 7am. I went downstairs to make tea eventhough I was still half-asleep. I sort of half slept until around noon, which is when I got up to phone my mom. I didn't really eat anything until around 2pm. I played some games on Elaine's comp for a bit, then went upstairs to try to sync my iPod on my dying lappy. Well, we had dinner and my lappy kept shutting itself off, so I am just letting it sit until Ian comes home on the weekend. He said he'd look at it, but I think it is just too old.
So, for now I am trying to relocate my iTunes collection and playing Pokemon. I am so fucking tired. Definately sleeping in again tomorrow.
Did I mention I feel like crap?

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