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Not much is new.

I got a letter from Melanie today. Also got the *third* replacement of a dvd I rented. Hopefully this copy will work. I finished laundry that I started last night. Went to choir briefly. (Elaine didn't go; I got a ride with Andrew.) Watched "Rules of Engagement" this morning and worked on knitting. Found software to encode my videos, but now iTunes isn't uploading anything new. It could be my dying computer, but I'm not sure, so I plan on trying again later when I am not using my comp for other things. I really suck at WarioWare. I can't get past the second level. Started season 5 of Stargate. Surprised to see the Q guy from TNG on there. Hoping to dump off stuff at Goodwill tomorrow.
Like I said, not much.

Oh, and I miss Bill. He hasn't been around in awhile.

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