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Happy Easter (or "Resurrection Sunday") - Just love me or leave me alone. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Happy Easter (or "Resurrection Sunday") [Apr. 8th, 2007|04:04 pm]
[Current Mood |awakeawake]

So, I've had songs from "Once More, With Feeling" running through my head for the past four days. lol. It's a great episode. I can't figure out if I think James Marsters is hot, or if it's just because vampire turns me on. :P I definately want to look up some Spike fanfic.
So, had a great time with my gf over. On Thursday, we went to Taco Bell for food, stopped off by the drugmart, and picked up CreamEgg McFlurries. We went back to the house and my sister phoned. I think after that, we ended up watching Buffy for the rest of the night, but my memory is unclear on this.
On Friday, we had breakfast and we played some Mario Party. We also booked plane tickets for me in July. We went out to see if we could get some bubbletea, but the mall was closed. We hit the bank and then stopped off at Mac's for milk and bread. We watched some more Buffy and had dinner. I'm pretty sure we spent the rest of the night watching Buffy. (I am so freakin addicted!)
Yesterday, we went to the sugar bush with Liz for pancake breakfast. Well, I was the only one to have pancakes; Michelle and Liz had freanchtoast. We stopped off in the giftshop and then went and picked up bubbletea!!! :) I was all sleppy, so I moped around and tried to nap a bit. We just hung out and watched old Sesame Street clips on YouTube until everyone showed up for dinner. We went down a bit early to socialise. I was really thinking I wasn't going to be able to go down for dinier, I was shaking with anxiety, but it turned out okay. Ian and Liz had birthday gifts and cake. Michelle played a round of Settlers while I took some downtown up in my room. More Buffy (and kintting!) for the rest of the evening.
Had breakfast this morning with Michelle, watched an episode of Buffy, and then she left to get back in time for dinner at her mom's tonight. I spent most of the day napping, because I wanted to. I'm feeling particularly crampy, even though my period should be finishing off.
Gonna zap off and check my email before dinner.
Got Easter cards and goodies from my mom and aunt. My mom also gave me a tetris scratch ticket, but I haven't played it yet.

[User Picture]From: phantomeor
2007-04-08 10:42 pm (UTC)
Happy Easter...

Thank you very much for the birthday present, it's awesome!

As for being addicted to Buffy, it's all good :)...I like the show too...enough to own all 7 seasons :P
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[User Picture]From: hokus_mouse
2007-04-09 12:08 am (UTC)
I'll lend you the buffy comics (season 8) when I get them.
I had a great time too!!!!
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