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Too much stuff

I am sort of experiencing both my acquiring and ridding phases simultaneously. I'm pretty sure my credit card is close to maxed out with the stuff I have purchase this week. (Only 3 items, but costly.) Just today, I got rid of half of my clothes, and it isn't even noticabale. I fiddled around with organising some books, and I am thinking of going through my craft stuff and maybe getting rid of my knock-off desert-camo lego. I just have too much stuff. Maybe I should try to sell my stereo speakers as well.
Once again, I feel the urge to back up my old media (ie. audio cassettes and BetaMax cassettes) onto new media (cd & dvd).
So, basically, I feel as if I have gone through half of the stuff in my room. I tried not to obsess over the blankets and bedsheets I have in the hall closet. One of these days, I really have to finish going through the Commodore disks. The only thing else I have in the house are a few dishes and my box of spices. I'm just really manic in an anxious sort of way. It is freakin' Hurricane George out here today. I didn't sleep very well either. I woke up at insane-o-clock again and passed out listening to a Nova podcast.
For now, I am going to try to make some progress in my cd importing and try to finish off the magazine I am reading.

Tonight is not going to go well. :(

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