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Trip to Science Centre was tiring. Girls in one car, boys in the other. Laura stopped for hot sugary beverages on the way, since I was falling asleep and her eyes were drooping. After successfully navigating over a plank of doom, we got there first and took a seat waiting for the guys. They showed up several minutes later and we all got tickets. It was fun hanging out but the exhibits didn't seem nearly as cool/interesting as when I was younger. But then, I suppose it is geared towards children.

I took this picture with this setup they have where you can take pictures of stuff you create. You scan it onto a card and take the card home with you and fetch the picture from a website after you get home. I just scanned a plastic chicken and my admission ticket so I could try it out. I have some other/better pictures that I took with my digicam, I just haven't transferred them over to my PC yet.
The Marvel exhibit was enh. Fake elevator, which still envoked my anxiety. I enjoyed watching the video about Stan Lee though. My feet got tired and we decided to head to the restaurant. I think it is called Addis Ababa. Ethiopian food. Was good. They brought out this huge platter with various dishes on it and we all just tore off pieces of flatbread on which it was served and it was a very good place for group dining. For dessert we had banana in honey and sesame seed. We also had Ethiopian coffee. A few of us got a bit of a buzz from it. I think Liz liked her birthday gift. We all got to meet her boyfriend, which is an amusing story in itself.
Laura and I were supposed to stop off at her place on the way home to pick up her cupcakes, but we kinda drove past the exit, so we came straight to Welland. Managed not to get run over in the trolley lane either. :P
So, I hadn't brought my keys, because Ian had keys and he had to bring his since he was driving. Well, Ed & Elaine were out, so Laura and I sat on the porch and read until they showed up. lol. Ian got back about 15 minutes after they did.
I watched the last episode of House season 2 last night. Probably will start season 3 of Stargate tomorrow.
So, I woke up for meds this morning and had breakfast. Ian was asleep and I think Elaine went to church. Well, I thought that people were coming over at 1pm but I don't think they showed up until later. Anyway, I napped a bit until 3-ish. I went to take a shower but the water temp kept fluctuating severly, so I ended up running a bath. Megan had fun playing with the Frigits and both her and Ian (her husband) completed the cube puzzle. Laura and Dan sorta picked it up but didn't really make any progress. Ian and Steve when to pick up the 'za and Dan and Mark showed up at that time. Good table conversation. I took off to the basement to find the phone # for the cab company tomorrow, they went up to use the washroom. I was going to spend a bit of time in my room, but my sister phoned, so I talked to her for a bit. When I went back downstairs, they had set up the Wii and they were playing Wii Sports. Megan seemed pretty animate for someone with a broken rib; she did really well on the games. I got some cool pix and video, so that's good.
Dan, Mark, Megan, and Ian all left around 9pm. It was really good to see Megan and Ian again. They are an adorable couple and Ian gave me a hug good-bye. Steve stuck around. We were going to watch Weird Science but were unable to obtain a copy, so we ended up watching Office Space instead. I had a brief conversation with Steve about Pentecostals.
Now I am pretty much drained from social contact/interaction. Need to brain dump, so here it is.

When Leah phoned, I really hoped that it was Kalena calling. Leah usually only phones me once a week and she had called on Friday, so I wasn't expecting her to call. I intend on phoning papere on Tuesday to see if he can give me her phone number or at least let me know if she is okay. I really hate losing contact with people. :(
Well, I was happy that Jamie hadn't incessantly emailed me all weekend, but my message notifier just popped up. *sigh*
I kinda like Dan, although I don't think he is the least bit interested. :( I'm a dork and wore my Gir shirt today because he was wearing a Zim one yesterday. I'm sure I'm really boring once people get to know me.
I miss hanging out with Will. I know he's been busy and has a lot on his plate right now, but I still miss it.
I kind of feel dumb around Ian's smart and intelligent friends. I think this is probably just a self-esteem thing; now that I am worn down I can't argue it as well.
I also need to get off really badly. I just don't seem to get around to it and keep putting it off.

Well, I am keeping my toes crossed in hopes that the cab actually shows up tomorrow. Socially drained + anxiety = sarchastic whoo
Okay, I need to distract myself before I get too depressed.

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