Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,


There was a reason I opened this client, but I can't remember what that reason might be, however, there is something I've been meaning to ask:
The sudden realisation that I have forgotten to take my pills has somehow managed to cause me to recall what I originally wanted to write here. I was going to mention how those annoying e-mail surveys actually can be useful. My moose just filled one out for me and not only do I learn about myself, but I also learn about her and in a way that brings us closer. Moosey, I love you so much and don't know how I'd live without you sometimes. *HUGS*
And now back to our regularily scheduled program.

Could someone please please pretty please give me a newbie tutorial of the smiles people use in LJ. example--> T_T (and stuff). I really have no idea what they mean, cuz the only ones I know are the e-mail/IRC ones. :( <--example Please someone take pity and enlighten me! *begs*

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