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*crawls out of hole*

I've been holed up the past few days, working on my bitchy iTunes library, napping, and reading Miss Misery. Actually, I'm still working on my bitchy iTune library, but I am taking a break. Relocating files can get tedious and monotonous. I am probably at least a week behind on lj_secret. We are having a veritable flood of new people joining borderline; I'm not sure what's up with that. I mean, 10 membership requests yesterday alone!
I'm mopey and crampy and sentimental right now. Already took a Tylenol; considering a hot water bottle. Have a scented candle lit to maybe help me destress a bit. Just listened to the Armageddon soundtrack and have been listening to a bunch of NIN lately, so that brings me back. I am so obsessed with music. Seriously. My hunger shall never be sated. The list perpetually grows. The same is with books. It's not so bad with movies, it seems.
Things to do today: Finish/wrap/hide Melaine's b-day gift before she gets here. Change the bedsheets on both mine and Liz's beds. Put away clean laundry. Wash dirty laundry. Oh yes, Leah is supposed to phone tonight, as well.
I'm feeling totally anemic and it's only day 1. :(

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