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I've spent the past week in Cambridge. (It was a spontaneous decision.) Unfortunately, I wasn't able to meet up with whorishness, but that's okay. (Hope you're doing better!) Adam C. is engaged!!!1!! Seriously. The wedding is in 2.5 months! They have a decent apartment, two kitties, and a puppy. Katy is pretty cool, and it was really nice to be able to hang out with a bunch of girls (her friends), since all of my friends are pretty spread out. Ruty (Rutabaga) is a huge putchy cat, so I pet him a lot. Their other cat is named Tim Horton. :) He is a black little kitten. And their dog, Tika, was friendly and didn't bark much, so it was okay. (Tika looks like a mini-Lassie.)
I watched the entire first season of The Simpsons. I found it strange that their first episode was a Christmas one. I also looked at the character development sketches that were part of the bonus feature.
So, I've finally actually used my iPod. I am now even more motivated to get the rest of my music imported. It's just cool to have my entire collection in a portable format. :)
On Saturday, I watched a tv movie called Bad Boys. I spent the rest of my time knitting, reading, sleeping, or playing Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga. It's pretty engrossing, although some parts are frustrating. Oh, and I dabbled with WoW. I had a level 8 night elf. It was okay, but the controls are a pain to get used to. I dunno, I'm just not addicted. I guess I'd rather invest my time in something I benefit from personally (like my databases and organising or crafts, etc).
Went and saw The Astronaut Farmer last night. It was corny & predictable, but not a horrible way to spend 2 hours. I would like to see The Number 23 with Jim Carrey.
Therapy was alright. Mark didn't get mad at me over the OD. He just said to learn from it and think of better coping mechanisms. He practically told me it was okay to do weed. lol. I was this close to asking him for percs, but I can't risk the chance that it'll get noted in my medical file and then no one would prescribe them to me. He was supportive of my breakup and gave me an idea of what to expect. He was also impressed that I read Imbroglio, although I didn't have my notes on it, so we couldn't talk about it very much. (Side note: Changing provinces requires re-assessment.)
I am so glad to be sleeping in my own bed again tonight. We had an awesome dinner tonight as well.
Right. So I get home, and there is a letter from ODSP. I have to go to a meeting on March 14th. I have to gather a ton of financial info before then and figure out a ride. I was so nervous when I read the letter that I was shaking.
Kalena called while I was out. I still don't have her phone number. :( *sigh* Well, at least I know when Melly is coming down (this time). ;)
Gonna tear down my Lego house and build a different model. Also gonna take a pic for seal_girl to show her how I use pylons as skirts.
I've still got a few months of lj entries to flock, a weeks worth of lj_secret to catch up on, and music to import!!!
Got the hair dye to fix my hair. I'll either get around to it tonight or tomorrow.

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