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I can't bring myself to ask you the burning question.

Three Lost Sons, Three Fathers On A Mission To Save Lives
This article was sent to me by a former roomate of mine and I thought the story was worth sharing.

Today was rough. I woke up at 10am (again) and it took me until after 3pm to get up the energy to get up. *sigh*
Last night, I watched the premiere of SG-Atlantis, (Yes, I know, I'm seasons behind.) I'm pretty sure I've seen it before, but I know I haven't seen the rest of the series.
So, at 3pm I got up and had a bath, got dressed, put away laundry, ate dinner, and bugged Elaine to take me shopping. I bought candy for Ian and something special for the next time I write to Melanie. ;) I finally finished off book 2 of the sci-fi trilogy that I am reading. I should probably pour all of my concentration into the text I have on loan, as I have to return it by the 21st and tomorrow is already the 7th! It is turning out to be a good read, although technical in some parts. (I've been posting snippits on borderline.)
Ian showed me pictures of Laura holding ambersims2's baby. Elaine apparently felt like cooking today, and so made beef stew and chicken chile. We ate the stew tonight and tomorrow will be chile.
I think tonight I am going to watch disc 3 of House, season 1. The choir is preforming at the place my grandparents are at tomorrow night. I am looking forward to it.
My lappy was on for 3 days straight, so tonight I am giving it a rest. (It's starting to overheat a bit. ie. it burns my leg).
Other than that, I'm tired, I can't sleep, Graham can't come down on Thursday, Michelle is coming down on Friday, and I'm tired.

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