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Visiting [Jan. 20th, 2007|07:52 pm]
[Current Mood |contentcontent]

On Friday, my gf came down for a visit. We went to the mall to walk around and discovered BUBBLE TEA!!! Then we went to the cinema and watched Blood Diamond; it kinda won by default as it was the only one we both were interested in seeing. We got back just a little before midnight. We listened to music and played computer games before bed.
Today we got up, had cereal and played a game Mario Party 6 on GameCube. We went to TacoBell and I had one of those folded things that they have in the commercials. (I have no idea what they are called.) We chatted and Meesha decided she wanted icecream, so we drove down to DQ to get her a Blizzard. When we got back, we played another two games of Mario Party 6. (I won all 3.) Now we are just chilling on our laptops and listening to music. Oh yes, and she showed me how to check the balance on my student loans. Whoo!
I just downloaded 4 trial games to see if I like them, but right now I am still trying to beat Jewel Quest and maybe work on my iTunes database.