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Ow, my bleeding lungs!

Jeezus, guys, this really, freaking hurts!
Basically, I've been coughing so hard my lungs feel like they're bleeding. While it would be cool to drown in my own blood, the agony is not cool! >:( My throat is raw to the point of laryngitus and inflamed so that my ears ducts feel swollen from coughing so much. My entire chest, stomach, and back hurt from coughing so hard, not to mention the headaches. In general my body aches from being so drained. I barely eat because my throat and stomach hurt so much, and I can't sleep because of the coughing. It's easier to cough if I lay semi-prone, but I end up wheezing to the point where it feels like my lungs will stick together. Cough syrup doesn't help at all, and my inhaler only helps minimally. It's definately a lung infection. During the wheezing you can hear the loosening of the dry phlegm. I can't even sleep anymore. I managed to get exactly two hours of unconscious time this morning: 8am to 10am. Lucky me. *dripping with sarchasm*
Before you yell at me, I made a doctor's appointment for tomorrow at 4pm. It was the earliest opening they had. Somehow I'll manage to suffer through until then. If anyone knows how to feed me intravenously, I'd rather not dehydrate or starve to death. Proper motivation to force sustenance into my body is also welcome, along with sympathy and pity.

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