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Snoring the paint off the walls. - Just love me or leave me alone. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Snoring the paint off the walls. [Dec. 27th, 2006|11:10 am]
[Current Mood |thankfulthankful]

a can of salted cashews and a can of poppycock from Glen & Jeanette Cramp
a Latvian sports cap, cat design preinter paper, a Hello Kitty keychain accessory, Lite Brite refill, a cat shaped puzzle, and a kit of 81 gel pens from Ed & Elaine
2007 cat calendar and matching stationery from hokus_mouse
a white bear named James and an 80 gig iPod from JGB
a realistic plush penguin with chick, a mini penguin figurine, a penguin robe with matching socks and pjs from Debbie Brown (The pjs are the exact same as the ones Elaine bought me for my birthday! I find this hilarious and awesome! I'm going to exchange these for a larger size and a different colour.)
a birthstone necklace, a cd, seasons 1& 2 of House from sprucemoose
chocolates, bath accessories, a photo frame, and stationery from Marcedes Vallance
chocolates, gummies, socks, a door hanger, a christmas flashing pin, and a pocket photo book (+ $) from my mom

Now I get to put everything away!

[User Picture]From: xlife_n_deathx
2007-01-01 01:22 pm (UTC)
What the hell is poppycock?
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[User Picture]From: nineveh_rains
2007-01-01 04:35 pm (UTC)
I think it's like CrackerJacks? Crunch N Munch?
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