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I had a pretty good day today.
Had breakfast and watched Crossing Jordan, then came back up to bed and read a bit before passing out. Pretty much played my new game, Jewel Quest, the rest of the day until dinner. After dinner, I installed MahJongg Magic and Penguin Puzzle, before heading out to Liquidation World with Elaine. First, we stopped at Subs Plus to get a cake. We also stopped off by the bank and I mailed a thank-you note to my aunt. They had a sale on TreborAllen candy, which Ian loves! I bought him a bag of Xmas skittles and 3 bags of gummies for myself. I also picked up a few gifts, 2 movies, and a yelloe pillow/blanket combo. When we got home, I wrapped a few presents, tidied up a bit, and did laundry. I am looking forward to singing tomorrow night and seeing my gf on Friday&Saturday. I've got a few emails that I need to reply to, but other than that, I think I'm good. Other than being cold. :S But it's okay.
Oh! Amber had her baby. :) Her account sounds very calm and makes me curious about what the birth experience is like.
Anyway, goodnight, all!

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