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Today was a full day. Since we had time before I needed to be at therapy, we stopped off at ShoppersDrugMart where I picked up meds, sent out parcels, and purchased tampons. w00t. We were a few minutes late getting to the office but I still got in pretty quick. Talked a lot about relationship... Did my bloodtest afterwards, plus a surprise urine sample, so I'm glad I was able to pee. Next, we stopped off at Staples so I could buy refills for my day-planner. Then we headed to Best Buy, where I purchased an Xmas gift for my gf, Jewel Quest, and a harddrive enclosure for my extra laptop HD. In all it came to $80-something, so I am quite pleased with that. We stopped off at WalMart because he needed mealbars and I picked up a box of Xmas cards (for next year). Next stop: bubble tea! I don't know any other guy who likes bubble tea as much, although he doesn't like the pearls. We ate at PizzaHut for dinner. I really enjoyed it, because we never go out anywhere to dine-in, other than McD's, and that doesn't count! Came back to the house and had birthday cake. I put away most of my stuff, showed off my b-day gifts, then we looked at pictures from AB. I spent the rest of the night playing with my "new" hard drive.

I lied to him.
Not a huge lie.
I told him we couldn't do anything physical cuz I was on my period.
I don't get my period until later this week.
I don't know any more. I really feel like I am on the verge of severely hurting him (emotionally). My therapist gave me a few things to think about, so I'll try to spend some time to properly think through them sometime this week.
I still haven't told him that I'm not going up North for Christmas, either.

That's about it. I'm vaguely planning on doing laundry tomorrow. I want to wash my coat. I'll probably end up playing computer games all day. Or sleeping. Mmm, sleep.

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