Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

Catching up.

I don't remember too much about last weekend. Monday was a really bad day for me, emotionally. My mood was really low and I felt exhausted. I also got a tetnus shot that day. The cab driver was okay, he was an older man and basically complained about everything, but it was alright. I watched a movie called The Boogeyman on Monday night. I enjoyed it. I also spent the evening wrapping parcels.
Tuesday night, Elaine and I went shopping after dinner. I finished up most of my Xmas shopping, and wrapped up gifts for my family and another parcel to send out.
Yesterday I got all my errands done, picked up meds, did banking, bought stuff I needed, returned a purchase, bought more Xmas gifts, and had bubble tea. Choir was pretty good, my voice was wavering by the end of practice though. I was in a really good mood last night, and that surprised me considering how bad I felt on Monday. I sold my Ikea storage boxes to Kay for $2 a piece (she made me take money for them), so that is one less thing sitting out in the hallway. My 2006 Lego advent calendar arrived yesterday! I won a bid I had on eBay this morning, so I have 2 things coming in the mail; hopefully *fingers crossed* they will get here before I leave.
Today was my "housekeeping" day. I changed my bedsheets and did laundry. I also reheated food for dinner, go me! I was playing pokemon until my GBA died, so right now it is recharging. I am almost finished the P folder of my mp3s (working backwards, alphabetically). I am also over halfway through Sophie's World; still trying to make sense of the storyline.
Well, I just thought I should update since it has been awhile.

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