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Alright, so I haven't updated since Sunday. Let's see...
Ed's party was good. Everyone loved the food. I was really anxious with all the people there and I was shaking a little bit but I had a glass of wine with dinner anyway. I tried to spend some time downstairs as to appear social but it just wasn't a good night for me, so I ran back up to my room and only came back down for Ed to open his birthday gift. Leah showed up a little early, so that got me out of the house before everyone left. I feel like I should have helped more with the dishes or something but I was having a really hard time just keeping it together.
I had a great time seeing my gf on Saturday. I love her so much!
Monday was therapy. He spent the majority of the session having me explain to him what LARP is. *sigh* So it was a complete blow off. He also gave me an information sheet about an HPV vaccine which is a) not covered by OHIP, and b) not to be taken if you are on any medication, including OTC medications. I don't think he even read the sheet himself. The rest of Monday, well the day part was pretty good. I walked back to Leah's while listening to my iPod, I crawled under my comforter to get warm and Annibelle had a nap with me while I read. I got up for dinner (chicken pie and salad) and watched tv for a little while. I also copied all of Leah's music directory, so I have all of the songs that she has. Well, the evening portion, if you've been reading, then you know that didn't go well for me.
Tuesday was alright. Leah and I spent the day being lazy and not getting dressed until the afternoon. I finished one book and started another while she played computer games. I also looked up prices for storage units and phone numbers for moving truck companies for her. My mom came over while we were eating supper (rigatoni + meatballs and garlic toast) and I vented to her about my father briefly. I felt bad about doing it in front of my sister but I really needed to tell someone how I felt. My mom hugged me and held me and it felt nice because that doesn't happen very often anymore. So the whole reason of my mom showing up was to dispose of a mouse in the trap, so she did that and after she left Leah and I finished eating and then drove to Welland. We tossed the clothes into the wash and went for a walk which involved a stop for slushies. Afterward, we did computer stuff and watched a movie before she went home.
Today was a pretty good day for me. I got up and had cake for breakfast. lol. I got back in bed and read for a little bit and finished sleeping. I woke up around 2 and made a photo cd for Kim (which is being mailed out tomorrow), paid off my credit card, had a bath, and wrote a letter to Melanie (while listening to The Cranberries). Until supper I chated online a little and copied over files from the CD-RWs I had made at Leah's. Choir practice was a tough one this week. Dec 2nd's preformance has been moved to (possibly) the 17th. I took stock of what I have for Xmas gifts for people and what I still want to buy for others, and those I haven't figured out what to give yet. The good news is that Leah finally has a start date for her job in Edmonton, so we finally have a timeline for everything. I feel a lot less stress already, although I have to figure out money for stuff, but it should all be fine.

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