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Okay, so the white dresser is remaining in my room, just relocated… - Just love me or leave me alone. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Oct. 18th, 2006|10:58 pm]
Okay, so the white dresser is remaining in my room, just relocated and serving a different function.
Wow, my schedule for this week is busy! Tomorrow my mom is bringing furniture and we are going to visit my oma in Hamilton. After that I am going over to Leah's to pack dishes and get some stuffed animals to send to Manilla and do laundry. I currently do not have plans for Friday. I am hoping to see my gf sometime on Saturday as she said she will be in the area. Sunday is a party for Ed's birthday. On Monday I have therapy and on Tuesday we are going to visit my gramma & papa. Hopefully by then Leah will have heard from Edmonton. If not, there is a party next week at Sweet Harmony. Oh, and for personal reference, dues is $10/month. I think we are only doing 5 concerts this Christmas. It seems less than other years, but it will probably feel like a lot as they are all within four consecutive weeks.
I drank 2 cans of pop tonight and now I have a headache from the sugar drain. Wasn't that a dumb idea. I thought I was going to be suffering intestinally, not with a headache!
In other excitement, I fell down the last 3 steps going down the stairs earlier. My legs/feet/ankles are fine because I kind of slid onto my back, but I flung my arms back so I think I probably added to the muscle strain there. *sigh* What do I care though, I have done worse things to my body.
That's pretty much what's up and running.