Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

Thunder and snow?

To anyone interested, today is the first day of snow for this Winter season here in Southern Ontario, Canada. (Is it even Winter yet? It could still be Autumn.)
Other than the apartment being freezing and there being earlier sounds of thunder (which I have never experienced combined with snow, to my memory), the cat has been going crazy all day! She is running so hard she ends up bashing into walls and windows! Last night she let me hold her for at least 10 minutes before Leah came home.
I'm getting anxious. I just want to get the remainder of my stuff moved so that I have one less thing to worry about re: helping Leah move. The thing is, I can't fill her car this Saturday as she needs to buy some things and so needs room in the car for purchases. I am actually thinking about having her drive me to Welland to drop off stuff and back to the Falls to have Jamie bring a load up when he drops me off if we go out that night. I also need to find out when my mom can help me move some stuff in her van.
Okay enough of that. Time to huddle under some warm blankets.

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