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New Music [Oct. 5th, 2006|05:03 pm]
I am disappointed with the new BNL release. The reviews claimed it to be as good as Stunt, but I disagree. While the lyrics are good, I find that they don't mesh very well with the musical part of the songs. Most of the songs are also very mellow and unlike the majority of their music. My theory is that they didn't devote as much time to this release as previous one, due to the release Steven Page's solo album.
My other two purchases were Greenday's American Idiot (Who doesn't have that album by now?) and Move Along by The All American Rejects. I'm still acclimating myself to the songs that don't get radio play, but it is not a purchase that I regret.
I've also listened to the new Weird Al release. I think my favourites from that are Confessions Part 3, Trapped in the Drive Thru, and Don't Download This Song.
I'm still waiting for Seatbelt by Holly Nelson. Doesn't anybody love me? ;)