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What I learned today

~ gravity travels at the speed of light; nothing can travel faster than light

~ lightning will cause a compass to go haywire

~ how do the strings of string theory compile electrons, etc?

~ gravity is weaker than electro-magnetism (10^38 times stronger)

~ quantum mechanics is based on probability (?)

~ strong and weak nuclear forces (principles of atomic bomb)

~ radio-activity : weak nuclear force

~ the existance of black holes requires a unification theory of the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics

~ string theory : vibrations of energy

~ a black hole as the origin of the big bang (?)

~ if something is bumpy enough, it will appear smooth (I already knew this, but it is relevant)

~ Newton ranks higher than Einstein in physics circles

~ messenger particles create force

~ tachions travel faster than light

~ gravitons : massless particles

~ n = 496

~ resonance of strings responsible for physical properties

~ 11 dimensions, circular or as a line

~ extra dimensions "twisted and curled back on each other"

~ 20 fundamental constants of nature (caused by 6 dimensional shapes)

~ our universe as a slice of toast (brane), parallel universes compose loaf of bread ("the bulk")

~ wormhole : space bridge/tunnel; path of a string

~ Edward Witten

~ M = magic, mystery, or matrix (M theory)

~ dimensions : degrees of freedom

~ gravity may not be confined to our brane (closed strings)

~ theory - big bang as a result of two branes colliding

Yes, I am a geek. I watched this for fun.

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