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Who wants a postcard? - Just love me or leave me alone. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Who wants a postcard? [Sep. 2nd, 2006|11:11 pm]
I am getting excited about my upcoming trip to visit/meet obscured_exile in Seattle. I leave on Friday, Sept 8th, so if you want a postcard you'll have to reply before then. (I'll email you for your address if I don't have it.)

People I already on the list: _leafy, nondescript, 980iana, sheeza_cool_cat, phantomeor, and various non-LJers. Anyone who can see this post is welcome to reply. :)

[User Picture]From: xlife_n_deathx
2006-09-03 08:32 am (UTC)
I want one! I want one!
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[User Picture]From: nineveh_rains
2006-09-03 03:59 pm (UTC)
email me your mailing address?
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[User Picture]From: sheeza_cool_cat
2006-09-04 06:46 pm (UTC)
I can't believe you're leaving so soon! Have an awesome trip. I can't wait for your postcard. :)
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[User Picture]From: nineveh_rains
2006-09-05 03:10 am (UTC)
Thank you. :)
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[User Picture]From: phantomeor
2006-09-06 04:33 pm (UTC)
howdy howdy...i posted my new contact info in an entry....how long are you going for?
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[User Picture]From: nineveh_rains
2006-09-06 08:03 pm (UTC)
10 days.
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