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My week of SOL

So, last Thursday I phoned in for med refills, the automatic phone thingy says they'll be ready by 8am Tuesday; I have just enough meds to get me through to Tuesday, but can't get back to Welland til Wed am (had therapy on Tues and everyone was working). So I go Wed am, and they have 2 of the 3 pills I need; the pharmacist says one might have got overlooked when they faxed them to the dr's office. So I tell the pharmacist I need the pills, she phones the dr's office, says the pills should be ready in an hour. I come back an hour later, they are still waiting on the dr's office to get back to them, so the pharmacist says they'll call when the pills are in. We go back that night, no pills so I get an emergency ration that lasts me til Friday. I go back on Friday, no pills; get 3 more emergency pills. I phone this am and ask the pharmacy if they got them yet; pharmacy says "call the dr's office cuz they aren't co-operating with us". So I phone the dr's office; after getting transferred around a bit a receptionist tells me she needs 30min to look up my chart. I tell her I am going out and that she can leave a message. Elaine and I go to price club for a few hours and on the way back we stop at the pharmacy to chance it. By this time everyone at the pharmacy knows about the girl who has been trying to get her pills for a week. I finally got a bottle, but there are no refills on it so I get to go through all of this AGAIN before I leave for Seattle. The pharmacy lady told me to come in the beginning of Sept to arrange for "vacation supply". I am gonna walk in with all of my bottles and talk to the receptionist the first day of September if I can. I want to go trash the dr's office grrr. I am definately gonna tell Mark about this on Monday and see if I can get the psychiatrist to control my refills (rather than my retarded GP). My theory is that the psychiatrist might have less patients AND she is part of a different program so maybe no stupid receptionsit.
I am pissed b/c if I couldn't get back and forth to the pharmacy a million times I would be locked up in the hospital again by now! These people are supposed to be professionals, wtf?
I must say that the pharmacists were very helpful and faxed and phoned the dr's office a million times before they told me to call. And they kept me sane with emergency rations, so much love goes out to them.

Other than that, my bf had yesterday off, but instead of doing anything productive just stalled making any plans yesterday. >.< He's being pissy; I'm being bitchy (pms). I don't know if it is because I am going away without him, he keeps telling me he is going to be depressed while I am gone. It's only for 10 days! Omg I am so sleeping in tomorrow.

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