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My day today. [Jul. 16th, 2006|12:02 am]
so, I set my alarm for 11am and woke up no problem. I started my morning with a portion controlled breakfast and my fiber supplement before showering. Afterward, I watched a couple episodes of TNG and worked on my blanket before Elaine said she needed to go to Canadian Tire. Well, we also ended up at Liquidation World and Giant Tiger, where I found a pair of shorts for $7 so yay! I don't really remember what happened between getting home and dinner, but dinner was ready before I could eat so I spent the 1/2 hour making dessert. :P Later, I read my Enron book for a bit and copied over more episodes of TNG. Oh yeah, I had about a 1/4 cup of oyster crackers for snack between breakfast and dinner, and boy is it hard to drink 3L of water in 24 hours.
So supper was good: pork, asparagus, garden peas, corn on the cob, boiled potatoes. Dessert was some kind of cinnamon cake.
There was quartet practice tonight. I had about 10 cherries and a cup of jello for evening snack. I know not everything I ate was the healthiest but I think portion control is what is going to work for me, because if I do restricting, I'll cave in to binges. So I went for my evening walk during quartet and finished moving TNG files around when I got back and read some of my Enron book.
Okay so I tried to say hi to the people but they were laughing at me and I got nervous so I just went away.
So, now it is the time that it is and I am talking to Jamie, Kim, and Joe and writing this entry. :P
Hopefully going to get my bloodwork done on Monday.