Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

So, day one of new meds and new routine.
Drank about 2L of water today and did my fiber supplement and my 3x meds. They make me feel a bit loopy, like when you have the flu, how your head feels weird. 3 times a day, oh joy. Hopefully it'll wear off as I get used to the meds. And hopefully this hasn't been a waste of $160. Got $15 for the book I returned and about a third the cost of my meds in GST rebate. I wanted to buy Batman Lego *pout*. But I bought a shirt and some pant kinda things today. I don't need any more clothes but I only have two pairs of shorts so I was looking for shorts but already it is Fall fashion so they are out of season, go me! So yeah it was fun, Leah came over. I am sad that my radio show is not online anymore so maybe I will move my alarm clock over to the bed so I can listen to my show on actual radio and b/c i need to take my new meds at the same time every day (3x a day!!!)
okay too hard to concentrate right now. Night all.
I talked to Kim for 2 hours tonight. :)

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