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Anime North: I had fun.

Wow. I'm still a little surprised myself about the altitude of my mood, but it's good and there are already plans underway for next year.
Wednesday: Spent most of the day with my boy before catching the evening Greyhound to Mississauga. Slept from Grimsby to my stop, which was just a bus stop (no station or terminal). As it is, the drop off stop (entering the city) is not the same as the pick up stop (leaving the city), so, of course, Michelle was waiting for me at the one across the highway from where I was. It was okay though. She had her cellphone with her and I gave her a rang and she picked me up within 5 minutes. We went from there to the drive in, where we saw Over the Hedge and had some good quality talk time before the movie started. I don't remember much of what happened afterwards. Oh, we picked up Ron from somewhere and went to Kinkos for a bit, then the grocery store and Subway before heading back to the house. I got settled and slept on the couch.
Thursday: This pretty much was the day of confusion. It was a day before the con started but we had things to set up and stuff, so we made a first trip driving up to the Double Tree (where the convention was) and hung out for awhile while Ron did Storyteller stuff (as far as I know). Later, we checked in at the Park Plaza hotel where we were spending the night. Michelle and I went out for dinner with a cool guy named Richard and Matt Callouchy(?) After that, I think we just went to the Park Plaza for the night. Ron and Katisha made a drive back to the house to pick up the rest of the stuff that was needed, while Michelle, Matt C. and I just hung out in the hotel room to unwind.
Friday: The beginning! When I woke up on Friday, there were talks of breakfast. ie. Denny's. I was completely looking forward to REAL breakfast (ie. pancakes), but someone needed a WalMart and since we found that first, everyone decided that they wanted to get food from the McDonald's there. This...At first I was going to just go buy something like eggos or poptarts from WalMart to eat, but then the checkout line was retarded and I was still tired so I pulled a bit of a fit. I tossed away my purchace and went and sat on the floor outside of the McDonald's. Eventually, Michelle came out to talk to me, then gave me the key to the car, where I went and slept until they were finished shopping. I then went back to the hotel room, where I crashed for a few more hours and felt better after that. I woke up when Katisha came into the room with some people to get something, so she gave me a lift over to the Double Tree where everything was going on. I think once I got there, Ron gave me a room key and then Michelle took me to the room there where I changed into something more appropriate and showered. I felt like a total nerd not being in costume. I really had no idea what type of apparel to wear, so I had just brought t-shirts and jeans. If I go back next year, I definately am going to bring all of my kinky accessories, hair dye, makeup, etc. So, back down to the con we go. It was good in that you could only get on the elevators if you had a room key; the elevators were packed enough as it is. Michelle and I went to help set up the ITA room. We tried to pull players in who were just passing by. Michelle helped them to create a character and explain some of the game mechanics; since I have never played 4th Ed. I wasn't very much help other than to explain the concept of LARP and to hand out in-character ribbons. After it had died down for awhile, I wandered over to the next table to check things out. Well, there was a guy trying to run a Table Top game. So I asked him about it for awhile and then another guy sat down and we started character creation. Soon a third player joined us. In the end, there were 5 of us plus the GM. The game was pretty fun and it was a good experience for my first time TTing. The part that sucked was that the GM basically pushed our characters in the direction that he wanted the story to go, and sped things up when he started to get tired. :( Once the game wrapped up, I wandered into the LARp room to see how things were going. Basically, most people had gone off to nap somewhere (this is 5am already) and so there were a few of us with nothing really to do. Alex suggests we play a game called Kill Dr. Lucky. It actually was a pretty fun game, even if we were mega tired. After we finished the game, I finally headed up to the room to crash.
Saturday: I think this is the biggest day of the con. I got up around 3:30pm and headed down to the ITA room. Michelle had just finished running a Settlers of Catan tournament. We then headed over to the Toronto Convention Centre across the street to look at art and wares. Tons and tons of manga. I really wanted to find something Inuyasha related for Kalena, but nothing really caught my eye. Michelle bought me a GIR button ("Make room for the cupcake") and we looked around. After that, we picked up food for ITA staff and brought it back to the room. After food, I can't really remember what I did. I think I may have walked around the con for a bit, then Michelle and I went up to the room for a drink. When we came back downstairs, everyone was sitting on the floor. We assumed it was some kind of line-up and we're thinking "wtf is going on?". I get halfway to the ITA room before someone asks me if I am special ops before I am told that everyone has to sit down because the con is in lockdown. Fortunately, I think the entier thing only lasted about 10 minutes, and people were friendly and chatting before we were allowed to get up again. I headed over to another room to watch a pokemon movie (Mew and the Hero of the Wave). Everyone got a free (pokemon) pin. There were trivia questions, but I wasn't geek enough to know any of the answers. :P I don't remember much else of Saturday night. I went up to the hotel room around midnight and just relaxed and watched some tv before bed.
Sunday: We had to be out of the room by check-out time, so we got up and packed and hauled everything downstairs. (Again, crowded elevators.) We went to the ITA room to pack and clean up. Michelle and Ron made a car trip back to Mississauga to drop off a bunch of stuff. I sat beside Matt C. and we talked a bit. The storyteller from the other night was running another game and it was weird. Matt and I overheard things such as "hentai anime schoolgirl zombies". O.o When Michelle got back, I passed out on a few chairs for awhile; woke up and read a bit and played pokemon on my GBA. Played a round of a card game called Munchkin. I like the angry chicken. There was an A.N. staff wrap-up party but I didn't want to go and Michelle wanted to go home to unwind. We just spent the night unpacking and relaxing. I got to check my email for the first time in 5 days and played more pokemon and watched tv.
Monday: That would be today. Michelle dropped Ron and I off at Square One on her way to work. We caught a couple of busses to where I needed to catch the Greyhound and hung out for a bit and talked while waiting for the bus. Fell asleep on the bus (of course), walked over to Strega to meet Elaine for lunch. (Summer salad, mmmm.) After that, she dragged me over to Liquidation World before taking me home. I bough a few things. I was glad to come home and get to unpack. Also, a package I had ordered arrived in the mail. Oh! and on my bed, a guitar! YAYNESS!!! I had a lovely email from my boyfriend waiting for me. :)

All in all, I had a good time. My favourite costume was a guy dressed up as Pyramid Head from Silent Hill!!!!!! And I got to see boys kiss. If I think of anything else, I'll be sure to mention it. Right now, time for food.

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