Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

1. your full name? Sarah Maslovskis

2. grandparents' first names? Paul & Helen, Russel & Shirley

3. what songs do you sing in the shower? I don't usually

4. what did you fear was going to get you at night as a child? something inside the closet

5. when and why did you last vomit? couple months ago, drug withdrawl

6. whats in your pockets right now? lint

7. what color are your bedroom walls? beige

8. last thing that made you laugh? Jamie

9. nicknames your parents call you? mom called me "bunny", I don't want to think about what my father called me.

10. best bed sheets you had as a child? my "little girl" sheets

11. favorite childhood pet? Maisey (cat)

12. any pets now? just the bird, and Anibelle

13. others describe your ass as?

14. do you like your teeth? not anymore :(

15. inny or an outty? inny

16. things you shout to stupid drivers? depends

17. favorite bathroom? they pretty much all feel drafty to me

18. bake or broil? bake

19. black olives or green olives? green

20. what kind of phone do you own? um...I forget (I don't use it.)

21. what's one of the strangest thing you ever chewed on? um, straws?

22. is your music kept in a particular order? alphabetical by artist

23. where do you get your film developed? Wal Mart

24. if your skin could be any color of the rainbow, what would you choose? ...I have no idea

25. where did you go to pre-school? They didn't have pre-school when I was a kid

26. strangest drug experience? listening to my neighbour bitch about the cost of tractors

27. favorite weather? autumn, when it is just warm enough to wear jeans and a light jacket to feel comfortable

28. describe your fingernails? deformed

29. last time you had to go to the hospital? um, oh a few months ago to get an ultrasound done

30. worst injury you've ever had? the one that detatched two of my ribs away from my spine :(

31. how do you like your chocolate? of good quality

32. favorite kind of tape? audio cassette :P

33. favorite thing to write or draw with? gel pens

34. last movie you rented? Yours, Mine, & Ours

35. last movie you went to see? Inside Man

36. were you a thumb sucker? no

37. how old are you? seven.

38. what are your dreams usually like? exhausting

39. hallucinations? I see shadows, or flashes, and sometimes hear things.

40. worst hotel you've ever been in? the one I worked for

41. best vacation? I think I had fun in Florida

42. what languages can you speak? English, French, some Latvian

43. favorite house? the one I grew up in

44. favorite mode of transportation? kayaking!

45. favorite place to swim? an inground pool

46. last porno you saw? Jane Darling

47. last song you listened to? Buy Me A Condo - Weird Al

48. favorite kitchen utensil? spoon

49. favorite driving songs? rap

50. what will you be doing tomorrow? singing at Meadows of Dorchester

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