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I had some luck - Just love me or leave me alone. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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I had some luck [Mar. 22nd, 2006|01:03 am]

"Been in a hospice bed for three days...she dances with the darkness when it's gone...and if you've lost yourself along the way, let me turn around and be the one who's there for you...don't you worry at all, just you dream away, the catcher's here to stay"

"Is it any wonder I can't sleep, all I have is all you gave to me... I taste, I love, I come, I bleed enough...turn away from life"
<- Eye by Smashing Pumpkins

"Your construction smells of corruption..."
<- Battleflag by Pigeonhead

"we're climbing the walls and choking from sins...broken back and sky disappearing...throw your lover to the wolves...crushing every precious little..."

"Lately I've been thinking, throw it all away...spilling all my pieces, feeling this control...so tired of living like this...leads me there again, from all the words I've spoken...cuz I still feel something burning arising and wanting attention...given up on logic to pull me through...will this ever end, all the words I've spoken...take your miracle placebos and know that I am still right here"
<- Still Right Here by Mankind Is Obsolete

"given the opportunity...so I can pretend...we'll get high and make some noise...between the love and hate is anything"

"birds and the bees mention me...brought me down again and again and again..."

I think the 4 that are still artist-less are by the same people. I'll post the tracks on here as soon as I get them uploaded.


Sins of the Wolf

Untitled Track

What Happened Last Night"