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Name (as shown on birth certificate): Sarah Maslovskis
D.O.B (no lies.): November 29, 1981
Where were you born?: Hamilton, ON
Where do you currently reside?: Welland, ON
Born late, early, or just in time?: early
In what order were you born?: first

Ok, so we've got the background. Let's learn a little more about YOU.
Hair/Eye Color: blonde/blue-green
Are you happy with yourself in these aspects?:wish my hair was a light as it used to be as a kid, I like my eyes, they change colour.
What would you change about each? lighten my hair
Anything you are physically ashamed of? weight
Any piercings/ink?:yeah
If so, are you satisified or do you want more?: might get my ink more detailed. It's really tiny.
Do you pamper yourself occassionally?: only really n spending sprees
If so, how?:
Do you have glasses/contacts? glasses always, occasionally contacts
Do you have freckles?:no
What's your build (truthfully)?: I used to be average, I freaking want that back!
What kind of deoderant do you use?: Secret
What about shampoo?: Pert Plus
What does your hair look like right now?: blunt cut
What about on a normal basis?: same
Last chance to add anything on the physical appearance I have forgotten: I like my bum

Let's get to know the REAL you. You know, the stuff on the inside. ARE YOU:
Serious/Light-hearted?: Serious
Dry/Out there - sense of humor?: clueless
Selfish/Selfless?: Selfless
Academic/Athletic?: academic
Trusting/TrustWORTHY?: both, I hope
Happy on the inside AND outside?: no.
Easy/Hard to talk to?: i dunno
... able to open up to others easily?: too easily sometimes
Stressed out at times?: yes - anxiety disorder
Heartbroken?: at least twice
Honest with yourself?: i think so..
A heartbreaker?: yeah
In love?: dunno, but happy
... loved?: I am told so
Smart?: used to be
Open to suggestions?: not really, I kinda see that as criticism
Open to change?: scared shitless
Religious?: no, but spiritual
A good friend?: loyal

Hey, speaking of "good friends." Let's explore that, shall we?
Would you rather ...
Have 100 acquaintance "friends"
... or a few CLOSE friends, only ?: I like my close friends
If you chose acquaintance friendships: N/A
Why?: N/A
What makes the "no strings" style better?: N/A
Do you like to party in large groups?: sometimes
Name some people you would vacation with: Kim, K-girl, Paulii
Where would you go?: anywhere
Are there people you trust more than others?: yes

If you chose a few CLOSE friends:
Why?: more meaningful
Ramble off .. oh, let's say: 5 names or less. Only the very closest:

Let's talk about friend number ONE.
Are they a good friend?: yes
What makes it so?: can talk about ANYTHING
When and how did you meet them?: LJ
ONE word to describe them: dependable
ONE word to describe your friendship: reliable
Best memory with ?: talking online

Friend number TWO.
Why are they a good friend?: I've known him almost my entire life
What makes them unique to anyone else?: gets my weird theories and quirks
When and how did you meet?: grade 3
ONE word to describe them: fortress
Do you ever fight?: yeah but not seriously
Best memory: my very first gradeschool ones of him

Friend number THREE.
How are they unique from ONE and TWO?: she is K-girl
Any nicknames for them? yup, that's it
Do you talk on the phone?: once in awhile
What do you wish you could change about them?: wish she took me more seriously about spiritual encounters
Do you fight?: no
What makes them special?: I know she would do anything for me

Friend FOUR.
Something not many people know about them:
Share any hobbies?:
Can they sing?:
What kind of music do they like?:
Do you fight with them a lot?:
Best memory:

Sorry, friend FIVE, but I think we get the picture. You have great friends.

Now, on to music choices, yeah?
Band: Everclear
Best Song: Normal Like You
Another Band: Dresden Dolls
Best Song: Girl Anachrnism
Another?: Matchbox Twenty
Best Song: Kody
Come on, one more band: K's Choice
... and, the song?: Everything For Free
Is there a station that you like the best?: AM 640
What music do you HATE?: none really, but I don't like jazz that much
Is there a song for every emotion?: yes
Which are you feeling right now?: mildly excited
What's your FAVORITE all time song (as of now) ?: My Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne

Status?: dating
Like it?: yes
Last relationship length: about a month?
Real relationship? I don't understand the question
Longest relationship: 2ish years
Shortest relationship: 1 month
Best memory: the really great sex
Worst memory: fucking up
Do you have a crush right now?: Gene Wilder!
Names, please.:
First kiss: 8 maybe? was playing house with a neighbour
Virgin?: no
Best relationship advice ever received: no idea
Best relationship quote ever heard: no idea
Are you, or have you ever BEEN in love?: I thought so
What IS love, exactly?: honesty, trust, devotion, commitment
Do you want to fall in love?: I don't know. I'm scared
Marriage and kids someday?: I really want to, but I don't know if it is meant to be
Have you met "the one" ?: a long time ago
Do you BELIEVE in "the one" ?: definately

RANDOMosity, basically.
Do you ...
... drink?: once in awhile
... party?: not so much anymore
... smoke?: just quit
... drugs?: medication
... tell secrets?: no
... like to sing?: yes
... dye your hair?: sometimes
... drive?: no
... listen to music while you do work?: yes
... have pets?: no :(
... like to read?: yes!

... skinnydipped?: no
... fallen from a great height?: no
... broken a bone?: no
... had a major surgery?: wisdom teeth extraction
... kissed a total stranger?: yes
... skydived?: no
... bungeejumped?: No
... lost someone you loved?: yes
... made new friends?: yeah
... lost old friends?: yes, I wish I could find them!
... written a song?: yes
... prayed?: Yes
... slept under the stars?: Yes
... tanned in a bed?: No
... been deep sea fishing?: No
... loved someone so much it made you cry?: yes
... made a mistake that you regretted?: yes
... learned from a mistake?: the painful way
... said something you wanted to take back?: yes
... wished you could go back in time?: I want to be 4 forever

Just to clear some things up ... and finish this off:
Right/Left Handed: right
What side of the bed do you sleep on?: it's all mine
Last person you slept with?: JGB
Last person you hugged?:June
Last person you called?:JGB
Last person you kissed?:JGB
Last person who called YOU?: probably Leah
Last person you texted?: n/a
Last person who texted YOU?: n/a
Last IM?: JGB
Last thing you thought?: who sings this song?
Last thing you said aloud?: okay
What was the last thing you wanted to say .. but didnt?: something that I decided is TMI

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