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The other day I did about a zillion things. I felt inspired and wrote them all down (which I have since thrown out).
I keep having this reoccuring dream that my teeth are falling out. I've had this dream before but usually it doesn't feel like my teeth are missing. (I don't know how to explain it.) Lately it feels like I have hardly any teeth left in my lower jaw, and I can't talk properly and my mouth feels sore and swollen. I keep spitting my teeth out into jars. (Anyone have an analysis for that?) I know teeth falling out in dreams symbolises change. All I can come up with is that there is some change coming up (painful) and I will try to control it (keeping them in jars)??? I keep waking up insanely early too. I have a headache all the time and I constantly feel like I am starving. It's been about 3 weeks smoke-free but I feel like I could go back to it any minute. I made an appointment to see the dentist. The earliest they can get me in is the end of Oh, and that intestinal pain? Appointment in JULY. >:(
Rearraged my room again on Saturday. Been playing a lot of Maple Story. I try to read a chapter a day of the book I am reading. Still working on knitting squares to finish off my sister's blanket.
Gave a copy of IHY-DLM to my bf. I really really really want him to read it. I think it will help. I just don't know if he will, and I don't want to nag him to death about it.
Ian has a Terabyte HD on loan for a week. *drooooooooooooooooooool*
I feel really angry, like I want to break something. I also want to brush my teeth 9 million times. I want to cry. I want to FUCKING SLEEP! I want a kitten. And I want to feel good for more than 3 hours at a time.

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