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Yay stuff!!

I slept most of yesterday (since the internet was down), then spent the evening playing Maple Story until around 11pm. I took a warm girly bath and read Reader's Digest and shaved my legs; conditioned my hair. Afterwards, I put on Clerks (the movie) and that finished right when I was to take my night meds. (Good timing!) So I took meds, got ready for bed and put on Samaurai Jack to fall asleep. (Lately I have been falling asleep to tv.)
This morning I got up to have breakfast around 8am (very early for me)and took morning meds. Met Liz's friend Mike who is super nice and good-natured. Watched some more Samaurai Jack and knit until I fell asleep again. Woke up around 1:30; got dressed. Elaine took me to pick up meds, then we went to Giant Tiger for her to return something. I ended up buying a grey zipper hoodie and movie called Asylum Days. I also found boxes of PG Tips and I really wanted to buy some for mizz_purple but the USA won't accept any food items through customs at all any more. :(
After Giant Tiger we went to Liquidation World. I bought another movie called St. John's Wort, a special surprise for luna30_1927, and some V-day stuff for JGB.
Anyway, I am feeling pretty good right now. I <3 buying gifts for people. ^.^ It's gonna be a full house tonight: Ian, Laura, Liz, Mike, Ed, Elaine, and me. I am hoping that I'll be able to be more social tonight. The other night my anxiety was peaked so I didn't socialise.

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