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The past two days have been rough, I ran out of night meds and so haven't really slept in over 60+ hours. I also experienced withdrawl symptoms, but I got more meds tonight, so I should be alright again soon, although the next few days might be a bit rough.
Had a really awesome night with JGB. Even though it was pouring rain and cold wind, they had so much fun playing hockey and won 2-0. Told J my dream about Miranda, he refuses to believe that it means anything. I know it isn't anything to worry about, but I also know that it was real. It's hard to explain unless you know about how some dreams can mean something and others are just your mind doing stuff while you sleep.
So I've watched a bunch of movies in the past 2 days. First I watched 2 commentaries on The Matrix Revolutions. I then watched a movie called Moon 44, a documentary on John F. Nash (the guy the movie A Beautiful Mind was based on), and a two part documentary about the paranormal/afterlife.
I haven't had a cigarette all day because I have been feeling nauseaus and threw up last night. I hope I might be able to quit. I've cut back to 2 a day, but none would be better.
I wrote 3 poems tonight during the first period of the game. I might post them in another entry.
Been playing a lot of Maple Story, Alchemy, and reading PvPonline again.
Spent all of Saturday watching Ed play Pikmin 2 while I knit.
I think that's about all that's new with me.

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