Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,


I taste like leella! *smiles*
I had a really good time tonight. All I can say is that j_cat, hokus_mous, and determination - you guys really missed out.
j_cat, I have to apologize. taluagel got his hands on a not very good pic of you and showed it to a bunch of people. I have no idea what he was planning to do with it but I got it back. leella was disappointed that you weren't there, cuz she wanted to meet you. You would have had a really good time.
determination, all I can say here is that you would have really enjoyed the ongoings. At one point Kalena said, "I wish Adam was here. He's so easy to turn on."
And hokus_mouse... all I can say is that you may have been envious, but at the same time you'd probably be getting (at least a bit of) some as well. It would have been fun.
I have no idea how much I drank. I know Kalena drank a lot and a bunch of us played the cup game. Mel seemed happier than last time I saw her. Dan's having a baby and apparently it's being born at FunkyMunky :P
Blargh. I'm zonked and tomorrow is larp. Night night.

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