Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

sometimes just the thought of you can calm me down

I welcomed myself back and did not ask, I welcomed myself in and did not knock. i answered the phone before it rang. I hung up the do not disturb sign when no one was in the room.
~ endofthegame

Yesterday JGB came over and we watch Aeon Flux and ate pizza. It was fun. Tonight he played hockey (and they won!) and then we just warmed up and watched tv afterward. It was really good.
I haven't been doing much during the day. I don't remember very much of what I did yesterday but today I watched some episodes of Coupling and half of Chronicles of Narnia. I also worked on some knitting for Leah's blanket. Oh, I remember what I did yesterday - I tooled around on the comp and then took a shower and got dressed before J showed up.
I was feeling pretty emotional tonight. I think it's my post-menstral moodiness. My IBS flared up during the game due to anxiety and I was acting a little odd but I was actually able to keep it under control. Hooray!
So Leah called while we were standing on the porch and I ran in to answer it but snowy footwear + tile floor = slippery when wet and I banged my leg pretty hard on the doorframe. This being the same (part of my) leg that a car drove into me while I was trying to cross the road a few years ago. Hooray.
Last night I was trying to install Maple Story but the site was down, so I ended up playing Restaurant Empire which actually is pretty boring. Basically kinda like the Sims/SimCity. So right now I have 75% of the install file downloaded and DirectX 8.1. Go me!
Kinda feeling too tired/in pain to write anymore. Gotta catch up on my FList anyway.

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