Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

1. What was the first car your family had?: my mom's blue honda civic
2. What was the name of your first pet and why? Maisey. She was my dad's cat.
4. What was the name of your elementary school? Riverview School
5. Who was your first best friend? amanda anthony
6. Are you still friends today, and if not what happened? no, her family moved to BC
7. What was your favorite board game? pass the trash
8. Did you play house or other make believe games? yeah. by myself
9. Were you a Dungeons and Dragons geek? no
10. Did you sleep with stuffed animals as a kid? yes
11. Do you still sleep with stuffed animals? well, they are around, but not required
12. Who was the first person you looked up to when you were younger? mr mattkowski
13. Who was your favorite relative? aunt marilyn
14. Were you short or tall in elementary school? short
15. Were you teased in school? yes
16. What was the name of your favorite teacher? Mr Mattkowski
17. What was the name of your least favorite teacher? Lafontaine
18. What was your best subject in school? math in grade school
19. What was your worst subject in school? history
20. Did you do well in Physical Education? no
21. Were you clumsy when you were younger? I don't think so, not especially
22. Who was your favorite band as a kid? I wasn't allowed to listen to music
23. What was your favorite movie as a kid? I wasn't allowed to watch movies, either
24. Did your parents read to you? not that I remember
25. Did you have a favorite book? I don't think so
26. What was your favorite restaurant as a kid? Pizza Delight
27. What TV or movie star did you have a crush on? once again, not allowed to watch movies
28. Do you now wonder what you were thinking? n/a
29. Who was your first crush in school? all my friends were boys, so I didn't really have a crush til grade 7 (MTR)
30. As a child, what kind of car did you want when you grew up? Mazda
31. Did your parents spank you? yep
32. Did your parents fight a lot when you were a kid? no, but my dad was controlling
33. Did your parents get divorced or stay married? divorced when I was 18
34. If they got divorced, how old were you when it happened? 18
35. Did you ever run away from home? no, but I thought about it all the time
36. How old were you when/if you first got glasses? grade 7 (dunno age)
37. Did you need braces or a retainer? no
38. If you're male, how old were you when you had your first wet dream? n/a
49. Both sexes when did you start shaving? grade 9, so probably 12 or 13
50. Girls when did you start wearing a bra? I wore trainers in grade 5
51. What was your first kiss like? we were playing house...
52. What did you do on your first date? bowling
53. How old were you when you first drank? I snuck my mom's cooking wine in grade 9
54. Where was your first house? Emerald Ave. The ghetto of Hamilton, ON

This quiz was brought to you by the number 42 and the livejournaler endofthegame from whom I stole it. :P

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