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Kalena hates me

So last night we had a good time as part of Marshmallow-Fest 2k3. K-girl, Meesha, me and sypathy import all got toasted, and we made raisin bran squares. Shirts came off and poles were brought in, video cameras and skittles. A fun round of the paper game was had by the girls. (Sorry, too explicit to post here.) After the dancing, things went downhill, but before that we washed all the dishes and made dinner, then watched Jackass and America's Most Wanted. We were having such a good time, I wish night_shade could have joined us. Earlier in the day we went to Dundas to get liquor, groceries, and movies (in that order), and these little kids kept jumping out at us trying to sell chocolate bars, but none of us had any cash. It really was a good cause: FACS; I kinda felt bad about not having any money...
So, I'm sure you're all bored reading about my dull life, but I stole the video camera from Marc and taped nearly everything in my room, I also have a spotlight scene. Some of you might get to see it if you want to come over sometime, or else I'll see if Marc can host it online somewhere...
And proof that Marc was drunk: He was all over me, but kept pushing Kalena away from him. He's never tried getting that snuggly with me before. I'm usually pretty mean to him.
Anyway, enough babblechat. Next weekend is dancing, larp, and swimming, so I'll be extra socialised then, but today I have to go swimming by myself because k-girl hates me and Meesha doesn't have a swim suit. :(

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