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a fatal exception OE has occured

I am becoming more and more convinced that I have some sort of learning deficit.
I just took a test for Asperger's syndrome. I scored 35. 32+ means you have autistic traits; 30 is borderline. The average score of "normal" participants is 16.4
I have a hard time reading. It takes me at least 3 times as long to read something as it takes others.
The most frustrating part is that I enjoy things that I have difficulty with. Eg. I love numbers. I am horrible at math. I can't even subtract in my head. I love reading, but it takes forever. At least I can write, but then, I'm horrible at communication. Maybe I think too deeply. Half the time I am trying to explain something to someone and they tell me it doesn't make sense, then I get confused because I can't see how it doesn't make sense.
We were discussing the C.A.R.S. schedule for diagnosing autism today. I have at least one symptom from every category. This slightly freaks me out. Often people will tell me that my affect is not appropriate to the situation. Like last night, I was in a super pissy mood, then I got bored, then I had a desperate craving for orange juice like the world was gonna end. Even over the internet I had friends ask if I was "feeling okay" because I was being erratic and "flighty". And I tend to obsess about things or pay extreme concentration to one thing at a time. I can't multitask.
I think one of the reasons I do poorly in school is because unless the topic is abstract, I tend to focus on one specific detail and miss the general point or loose track of the conclusion. "So then concentrate." you say? It's much more difficult than that.
I wonder if I should get diagnosed. It might make things easier to deal with, even if it's not the sort of thing you can treat.

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