Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

It's been a full week for me, with my sister's birthday and seeing my dad and the construction guys coming over today... and tomorrow will be a million people... I'm looking forward to it, I'm just exhausted.
I know my anxiety has been high because I haven't been looking at people (eye-contact). I'm hoping that I'll get to spend time with Melanie to take my mind off of the amount of people that will be present.
The positive point was that the USB mouse I bought is working with no problems so I have a mouse again, yay! Now I just have to get used to the optical bit.
Saw Wedding Crashers tonight. Dark Water stopped playing yesterday. :( But it was still good just to sit beside him for however many hours it was.
Elaine doesn't make fun of me for my quirks. Actually, she is pretty understanding of how I deal in certain situations.
I really wish I could stop thinking about yesterday until I can see my therapist. It wasn't bad, I just don't trust myself... :S
My head really hurts and I need to get some sleep. I haven't gotten proper sleep for nearly a week now just with everything happening. I'm gonna be dead tired by Tuesday.

p.s. Michelle, I hope you had a good birthday.

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