Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

These ones were written after I graduated highschool and during my year of university at Guelph.

the angel stands
covered in glory
like honey it glistens
on his golden wings
but the wages of life
quickly take their toll
his wings and soul are blackened
cavered with unrelenting
tar and sin
down in the pit
where the sun scorches brightest
exposing all you ever were
and what you'll never be
blinded by magnificent light
that's radiant in the dark
everything is all on record
they will never forgive me
the janitor sweeps
covered in filth
removing dirt within
slowly perishing
but the wages of life
quickly take their toll
he trips and falls and stumbles
covered with his debris
that can't be seen

running through fields
of dandeliion seeds
floating like cotton
your hand in mine
a soft breeze blows
your hair brushing my face
fall gently to the ground
one heart from two
in joyful laughter
the warm sunshine beaming
on our radiant love
forever alone
in peaceful embrace

so cold inside
stabbing chill
icy pain
frigid tears
melting thoughts
suffering morals
cracked emotions
twisted heart

step quietly
lest you wake the dark shadows
envious of your second chance
pleadingly restful
quietness awakens them
all your tears
remind them of their past
envious of them
you try in vain to join
but you hear their whispers
and secrets
urging you to keep on
in sake of their memories
their haunting poisoned dreams
creeping into your soul
becoming what you never would be
and never will
should you murder the only last chance
you've never seen

angels fly
into the shadows
twilight stares
in dawn's grim face
butterflies scream
at the hatred they've witnessed
fire licks
the earth's sore wounds

this jealousy burns
spreading its warmth
like the blankets you hide behind
(the comforter that you are)
but I'm so happy for you
wouldn't want to risk an avalanche
to be happy for me too
unless you renovate
the bedroom and the kitchen
to invite me inside
this pleasing luxury

these dancing butterflies
vomit elation
so ecstatic
off your compelling vibes
they swirl and spin
in a joyous commotion
that leaves me trembling
in anxiousness and awe
how long until you realise?
these butterflies
they are a gift from you

a whisper so quiet
nags my subconscious
(sleepless nights
and dreams of you)
plays my emotions
fights to control my heart
I go crazy every day
thinking of you
I miss so much
what we never had

everything is so funny
and you seem so...
ha ha ha!
and I can't even think about -
what was it you were saying?
so what do you wanna do?
I could sleep so well right now
everything is so...
I feel so tingley
and my eyes are sparkling
I can feel it absorbing
do you know how funny everything is?
I am such a happy drunk girl
thanks for letting me trust you

encompassing shadows
so bright in their day
regarding them fondly
slowly they slip away
their joyous creation
one minute too soon
the silence dissipating
their sunshining gloom
sing quietly
don't disturb anyone
laugh in secret
lest others find out
cry with passion
don't disturb anyone
bleed in silence
lest others find out

j_cat, the one I wrote about my father is called Frost; it's under The Continuem

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