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I am getting really pissed off at computers and technology in general.

1) The PS/2 connector on my laptop is no longer functioning

2) The wireless card I bought for my laptop won't function

3) my digital camera: a) won't work as a webcam like it says it can, b) freezes everytime I try to preview/edit pictures.

I HATE when things don't just WORK!!!

At this rate, the burner Ed bought me will probably make coasters. :(

The laptop thing is really irritating me because it was WORKING FINE last night! *kill maime destroy*

Yes, I have my desktop machine that I can use, but it doesn't have all the programs I am used to running and it's just not as happy. *horrible frown*

So, the solution to the laptop mouse problem is to either a) buy a mouse with a USB connector, or b) buy a wireless mouse.

Seeing as how I am having such FANTASTIC luck with wireless devices, I am leaning towards the USB connector one BUT at this point I don't feel like spending anymore money on crap that isn't going to work anyway.

This is why I like books. They always work the way they are supposed to.

At least I still have my books and my CD player...

Oh. And my Commodore monitor went flicker flicker die about a week ago.

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