Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

I just wrote this

Shades of Oblivion
the darkness is evil
it isn't my friend
when I close my eyes;
hope it's over again
creeps into my brain
like a poisonous gas
so that I can't let go
of the things that are past
it's numbing, it's freezing
solidifies like lead
so I end up weighed down
by the things in my head
Don't keep me around
in this hour of black
only turmoil is here
and I can't change that fact
When these shades of oblivion
slowly embrace me
I find out the place
that's longing to take me
Don't let me fall victim
to this cancerous dread
I'll reach out my hand
when I'm in over my head
The numbness so cozy;
so hard to resist
but if you don't help me out
I'll end up in inescapable hell
(perhaps I am already there)

Please do not copy or distribute without permission of the author.

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