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Content (I think.)

My bedroom often tends to be located directly across from the bathroom. This is a strange realisation.

One of my profs is strange. She sent us a handout for class via e-mail and wrote: ps. Too bad Penny wasn't voted off the island last night (just my little opinion).
This is in regards to Survivor. Does she actually think we have time to waste watching those kinds of things? I guess some people must... And she's always talking about the GAP and all kinds of trendy commercial crap. You'd think a person like that would have more depth. This just goes to stress the point that profs are people too.

Someone inquired about my compass. I now feel like I'm standing the the middle of a huge field with no end in sight in any direction. I am perfectly happy to be here for the time being, in the middle of this field. It's almost surreal how calm I feel. Is this what contentment feels like?

I'm not ready to make decisions. I'm not ready to move a step from where I am at the moment. It's too peaceful. But I know that eventually I will have to choose a direction; eventually it will rain and eventually some farmer will kick me off his property, but for once in my life, the future does not scare me.

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