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Child of a Ghetto God

something meaningful...why won't it come? all that hard ass slavery and for nothing. I whored myself for your vengence yet you came up empty. Child of a ghetto god...and I am yours because no one will have me. You let me sleep in the dust at the foot of your bed, and I wear the same worn and dirty rags daily so that you have easy access and an eyeful whenever you should so desire. And while you go about your business - your meaningful life out in the world - I remain here in dim lighting, preparing your home, and your life away from the world. All of it is for you, my world. And some would say that it is pathetic that I have come to this, but they are not children of a ghetto god. My servitude for you is my world and you the essence of it's existance. Little do they know how pleased I am to sleep in the dirt and to wear rags, so long as it means that I am your child.

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