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These days I seem to find myself bored quite often. It's kinda strange because there are more people home than usual and so I shouldn't be finding myself in that predicament, but I do. I've played with Duplo, tried to beat Ian's score on Dr. Mario, played Story Mode of Mario Party for GameCube, watched a video series with Liz and Ed, and started reading Lost Boy Lost Girl. I feel useless and out of place and I am showing symptoms of depression (weepy, not eating, bored). I'm not even all that interested in doing anything on the computer lately. Haven't worked on my DB at all and not interrested in playing any games. Tonight I burned some CDs for Leah before dinner, then Ian took me to the mall to mail some parcels and we went to WalMart and Zellers to look at LiteBrite and GBA games but didn't find anything worth buying. I did end up finding a square frame for my shirt, it was 40% off and looks quite good; I just need some cardboard for the backing.
Liz went out, I have no idea what Ian is doing, Ed is down here on the computer and Elaine is upstairs and we've been watching mystery videos. She brought home Syrup by Maxx Barry today; I'm looking forward to reading it.
Well, at least Xmas didn't suck. I dunno if I want to go to anymore festive functions tho... *sigh*
I think I lost my scarf at the mall. That or it fell off in the car. I have no idea.
Anyway, I've been tired all day. If Elaine doesn't want to watch the second video, I'll be pilling it and zonking out.

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